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The exchange between a 180 Parking valet and our customers is more than handing off a set of keys. It’s an unspoken pact- one where we take responsibility of your prized possession and provide the same care and attention like it was our own. At 180 parking we offer first-class service but more importantly we offer trust. Trust that your car will be returned to you in a prompt manner and with an attention to detail not seen with other valet companies.


Now when we say training programs, we’re not talking about classrooms and presentations. Ask any of our attendants about “Sundays at the park” and you’ll quickly learn we’re not talking about picnics. Over the years, 180 parking has developed its own workout regiment designed to maximize the core and build endurance. Valet is a physical job – we estimate the average 180 attendant runs approx. XX miles in one night. That’s why we require our employees attend workouts weekly to ensure they’re at their best so you’ll receive the best. You may ask who leads this training. The owners of the company – bring your sweat towel.


We add value to your curb appeal and “sense of arrival” with our striking uniforms and professional management of your high volume parking lot. We are willing to adapt our valet processes to accommodate the restaurant’s or special event’s individual needs.

180 Parking’s management team consists of highly skilled parking management and valet professionals with years of parking experience. All employees operate using our strenuous lot protocols to maintain a superior parking lot at any establishment.

D.B.E. Certified
180 Parking is proud to be certified as a D.B.E business here in Georgia. The D.B.E certification acknowledges that there are inherent social and economic difficulties that arise from being a minority, but rather than using these difficulties as an excuse, we take pride in our backgrounds and have used that to fuel the spirit which can be recognized in all of our services.

As a holder of this certification, we are happy to engage in business with entities that aim to associate themselves with the D.B.E. initiative, and we are also committed to helping other minority businesses grow and thrive in the ever-changing modern economic environment.


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Ambiance is awesome, service was great, and the valet was actually the best I’ve ever experienced. There were about 3-4 valet guys working, and all were super nice. The head valet, Mark, literally sprinted to get our car… I have never seen speed like that, and I truly felt like I needed to applaud.
Erin D.
I went to Coast last week, and was very impressed with the level of service provided by Vince. He graciously helped me out of my car (a Gold Standard trademark!) and although he had just met me that evening, he greeted me by name when I left the restaurant. Vince is a tribute to the […]
Sharon S.
The valet parking service that I received last night at Coast restaurant was the best that I have ever had.  Before I even got to the lot my car was already there waiting for me.  I would go back to Coast just for the valet service!
Anthony D.
Just wanted to give my heart-felt thanks to 180 for saving my sister’s wedding reception! The valet service she had hired backed out 2 days before the event! We frantically searched the Internet on our phones (while we were doing last-minute tasks for the wedding) and found 180. We were so grateful that you were […]
Tracy W.


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